Hotel Lotus Gems

'Lotus Gems is the organization through which Tulku Karma Sangpo enacts all of his activities to bring temporal and spiritualbenefit to sentient beings both in the Himalayan region of Nepal, and throughout the world.

The name ‘Lotus Gems’ is a translation of the Tibetan ‘Pema Norbu’, the name of Tulku’s root lama, HH Pema Norbu (‘Penor’) Rinpoche. Tulku Karma Sangpo explains:

“I feel deeply fortunate to have met and been the direct disciple of a lama of such quality as HH Penor Rinpoche. He set the example for me of one who never thinks about himself, but only thinks about the welfare of others and how to accomplish it. Since I have the name ‘tulku’ I feel that I, too, should try my best to do whatever I can for others.”

“As human beings, we must try to understand the feelings and situations of others. All beings have the exact same right to be happy and to be free of suffering. Training ourselves to rejoice in the good fortune of others, and to cultivate compassion for those who are suffering, is the true path of a spiritual practitioner.”

Hotel Lotus Gems is an independent, family-run hotel situated on a graceful neighborhood of Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu. Newly built building by well-known tourism by monastic family, it sets itself apart by its passion for Buddhist philosophy, hospitality and commitment to service.

Whether you are in Kathmandu as tourist, student or explorer, and want to stay closest to Boudhanath Stupa and convenient with modern facilities, Hotel Lotus Gems team look forward to welcoming you to your new home away from home.

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Our Rooms

We have three different types of rooms available offering full range amenities.Elegently decorated with Tibetan art and fitted with Tibetan fabrics and antiques, our rooms offer all the comfort and luxury you could want. All rooms are air conditioned and offer high-speed internet access and flat screen TVs. Tea/coffee making facilities and a mini bar are available in most rooms. Additional amenities include in~room safe and ironing board.All rooms have en~suite bathrooms with hot showers 24 hours.

Hotel Highlights